Thursday, November 17, 2011

Her last day in kindy!

When my daughter's teacher told me this morning that today is Iman's last day in school, it got my eyes almost teary.I thought she still needs to go to school tomorrow coz it's Friday right?
I know I should be happy coz I won't need to battle with her every morning in order to wake her up,but the thought of her entering Standard 1 next year, well, that's just scaryyyy.She's no longer that 3.95 kg baby that I gave birth to 6 years ago!

Here are some pictures from her graduation ceremony.

With Iman's principal.

This is a picture of Iman and her Wu LaoShi (teacher).She was Iman's class teacher for 2 years and complimented that Iman can sing all Mandarin songs that she taught very well.Xièxie Wu LaoShi.

Iman on the left with her bestie since baby,Dania Hani.Both of them will be in Standard 1 next year at SRJK (c) Lai Meng.

Look at them 6 years ago!

Iman and dania

They are definitely not babies anymore.I'm really that 'old' now.Imagine another 6 years from now.Homai!(drowns myself in a pool of collagen dust and vitamin c serum)




Intanaziela said...

julie, intan dah follow perkembangan iman since zaman fotopages...terasa cepat aje anak dara julie membesar kan..semoga iman terus membesar jadi anak yang solehah, cemerlang dan membahagiankan ibubapanya...amin.

Lady Dyla said...

Kids grow fast kannnn.. I tgk my nieces and nephew kat MAS dh besar dahhhhh.. :(