Tuesday, February 14, 2012

USS conquered

A favorite shot from our recent family trip to Singapore

Iman @ USS



Monday, January 16, 2012

A cute smile to start off 2012!


I started my first shooting for 2012 with this boy's birthday party.His smile is just infectious! Too cute to handle definitely.

Meanwhile, I would like to apologize for those unattended enquiry e-mails regarding photography packages in 2011 especially in the month of December.I was so busy attending to my daughter's preparation and orientation for standard 1 that I did not get to reply them.Fret not, you guys will still get the 2011 price and dates requested are slotted in my schedule.


She's in Standard 1 now!

More soon.Stay tuned.



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ammar and Adilah's Majlis Mandi Sampat



Monday, December 12, 2011

Last party shoot for this year

I know.I've neglected this blog for quite sometime now.Blame the slow Maxis Broadband speed that I use at home.I hope I'll be UNIFIed soon so that I can give you more updates.

By the way,this was my last party shoot taken yesterday.I had to turn down some requests,I'm sorry.I need to have a break, away from work and to spend some quality time with my familia.Gonna start business back come January.Hope will resume biz with fresh new ideas.

Happy Birthday Anas & Amani!




Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Party Planning

I notice there are few comments from Mrs C in my blog entries but I don't know how to reply to them so I'll make a short entry for u ya.

Most of the parties that I photographed previously somehow involved a party planner that is also a good friend of mine.You can find her here.

There are also some other friends who are also involved in party planning services and you can find them here and also here

Hope that will help you in organising your kid's party ya Mrs C.:)



Thursday, November 17, 2011

Her last day in kindy!

When my daughter's teacher told me this morning that today is Iman's last day in school, it got my eyes almost teary.I thought she still needs to go to school tomorrow coz it's Friday right?
I know I should be happy coz I won't need to battle with her every morning in order to wake her up,but the thought of her entering Standard 1 next year, well, that's just scaryyyy.She's no longer that 3.95 kg baby that I gave birth to 6 years ago!

Here are some pictures from her graduation ceremony.

With Iman's principal.

This is a picture of Iman and her Wu LaoShi (teacher).She was Iman's class teacher for 2 years and complimented that Iman can sing all Mandarin songs that she taught very well.Xièxie Wu LaoShi.

Iman on the left with her bestie since baby,Dania Hani.Both of them will be in Standard 1 next year at SRJK (c) Lai Meng.

Look at them 6 years ago!

Iman and dania

They are definitely not babies anymore.I'm really that 'old' now.Imagine another 6 years from now.Homai!(drowns myself in a pool of collagen dust and vitamin c serum)